With nearly 25 years of flexible products manufacturing, we have built a business using one key foundation: Making it easy for customers to do business with us.

Under this philosophy, we have systems and support that help small and large customers get what they are looking for quickly and effectively. Our Heater Kit with multiple options enables customers to quickly obtain, analyze, and refine their product design requirements while quick-turn custom heaters permit our customers to get new customized products to the market quickly.


  • Whether you are an advanced thermal management engineer or a new designer unfamiliar with flexible heater technology, you can expect us to help you quickly arrive at answers you are looking for.
  • We quote traditional custom heaters in 24 hours or less.
  • We typically deliver in 2-3 weeks for custom heaters.
  • Our heater kit help you experiment and analyze what you need.
  • We produce laboratory/test volumes in addition to large volume.

Build a flexible heater


In addition to flexible heaters, All Flex also manufactures flexible circuits, for more information please visit www.allflexinc.com to explore our extensive line of flex circuitry.
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