Understanding that reliability and quality are of utmost importance, All Flex offers the knowledge and technical expertise of its senior design staff to incorporate features and fabrication techniques into its products that result in high Cp, Cpk, and predictable manufacturing processes.

Developed over 20 years of serving the medical device industry, our business systems and operating culture provide medical device manufacturers with a dependable, highly-respected, and reliable design and manufacturing partner.

All Flex heaters are used in a variety of surgery room equipment and surgery devices.

Thin flexible heaters provide uniform and consistent heating of an incubator chamber.


  • Medical quality requirements
  • FDA traceability expectations
  • Medical device qualification cycles
  • Clean room/precision assembly needs of medical customers
  • Medical device product development cycles
  • Small and medium volume delivery needs

Flexible heaters enable blood analysis devices to stabilize fluid temperatures without taking up critical space inside the analysis compartment.