Our heaters, product features, and supplemental accessories include the full range of options that you may desire:

  • UL Certification.
  • Integration of components (thermisters, thermocouples, RTD controllers, other devices).
  • Combination of flexible circuit electronic assemblies/control systems integrated with the flexible heater.
  • Multi-zone heaters.
  • Dual staged/Bifilar heaters for two-in-one heater designs.
  • Etched foil patterning for optimal thermal dissipation.
  • Heat profiled design compensation for even thermal patterning of the finished assembly.
  • Custom marking, including customer logos.
  • Pre-mounting on customer heat sinks/brackets.

SR Heater on plate

All Flex offers extended length heaters up to 59 inches (150 cm) for Silicone Rubber and 8+ feet for Polyimide.


Often our customers don’t know what they need for wattage or thermal management and so we will help them understand their specific needs.

We also can assess an existing competitive flexible heater and ‘reverse engineer’ the product to improve performance, lower cost, or to meet additional requirements.