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You likely have received our heater kit and have come here to obtain instructions on how to utilize the kit.  We invite you to visit other pages of our site to learn more about our flexible heater product offering, our services, and how we can assist you with your thermal management needs.

This heater kit is intended to demonstrate closed loop thermal control so that you can become familiar with All Flex heaters and sensors and how they can potentially be utilized for thermal management in your products.


Your kit has two transformers included in the base of the display box.

  • Connect the System. With neither of the transformers plugged into 120VAC, connect the devices as shown:
  • Power the Controller. Plug just the 12 volt transformer into 120VAC – WAIT to plug in the 9V transformer powering the heater.

The display will present the current temperature reading of the sensor in degrees C.

Establish the temperature SET POINT by pressing the left button identified as SET. The display will flash.

  • Set the Temperature Limit. Using the center and right buttons identified as + and -, adjust the display to the desired set temperature in degrees Celsius. Note: Pausing more than 2 seconds will store the setting.

The controller temperature will now be set.

  • Determine the Heater Options. The heater samples that have been included in this kit have varying wattages.  Measuring the resistance of each heater will identify the wattage output when driven by the 9V transformer (Ohms Law: V2/R).  Anticipating the thermal output, mount the sensor and heater onto a metal plate (or other surface that you desire to use for demonstration).  You may elect to mount the sensor on the opposite side of the plate under the heater, for instance.
  • Power the heater. With the controller operating, plug the 9V heater transformer into 120V.  The heater will introduce a thermal rise based upon the mounting surface and other factors and will stabilize at the set point.

The controller will display the sensed temperature as a default.

NOTE:  Temperature control range = -50C to 110C.


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